We specialize in compassionate dog care for you and your pet while you are away, or when you just need an extra set of legs.

We reinforce training techniques that you use with your pet, address the health and dietary standards you set, and maintain a safe and healthy environment for your loved ones.

We are good for clients with rescues, puppies, because we are constantly learning and want to share to help your loved one become well adjusted. That being said, we love all animals! and any other animal you have Through our interview process, we learn about your pet-family needs and requirements to make sure we’re the best fit for what you need.

While we do board pets, we also specialize in in-home pet sitting, which can reduce the stress of a new place while you are away.

We think of your pet-family like our pet-family, so you know they are in good care.



Stephanie Marsh

I have been an animal lover for as far back as I can remember. My mother worked for the Humane Society, so we always had a new rescue or two at our home. It was at a young age I knew I wanted to be surrounded by animals for the rest of my life. Dog walking and pet sitting allows me to share in the joy and love of having a great many animals in my life. How do I justify taking money to do what I love, I pay it forward by volunteering my time for the environment, sustainability, education or working with rescues.I am a big supporter of local businesses, and am constantly taking steps to reduce my carbon footprint. I am always willing to go above and beyond, which creates a fulfilling life, and love to do it.

Steph’s french bulldog was adopted at 8 months, he is what you call my “problem child”, but he has taught me so much. I have learned about his anxiety and psychology to help him adjust. He is on his way to recovery and get’s better every day!


Jennifer Walrath

An animal lover her whole life, Jennifer Walrath owned and operated a pet-sitting/dog walking business for nearly 10 years in Fishtown. She recently went back to school to refresh her education in biology and got into a program sponsored by The Wistar Institute studying biomedical technology. There, she attained two research assistant positions studying breast and ovarian cancer, and an enzyme associated with chromosomal length. While Jen appreciated this experience, she realized that a petri dish of cells is no substitute for a living, breathing, conscious animal. She missed the interaction she had with dogs and the relationships she formed with the people of her neighborhood. Jen has been delighted to return to working with animals last year and has not looked back. She now lives a double life of walking dogs and spending her free time making biologically themed art.

Amy Duggan

Amy Duggan has loved and raised animals all of her life, and currently takes care of her dog Sheppard and her cat who goes by many names.  Even from an early age her family has been raising animals, owning five Mastiffs and playing host to a variety of pets large and small.  Naturally, Amy is absolutely elated with the chance she has to walk and take care of the neighborhood's dogs for work.  In her free time, Amy enjoys writing, various art projects, as well as exploring what parts of Fishtown she has yet to visit and seeing what else it has to offer. But first and foremost, she is dedicated to ensuring the happiness and well-being of the pets she is tasked with caring for.

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